Cleaning to Close

    The weather is heating up and you are thinking about listing your home. But wait, would it pass the white glove inspection that some home buyers will be looking for? If not, here are a few tips to get your home cleaned to close!

    1. Start in one of the lowest traffic rooms in your home first, like a dining room or living room.  Getting one room done more quickly will encourage you to keep going.
    2. Dust and wipe down light fixtures, lamps and ceiling fans.  Run a clean dust mop around the ceiling and in top corners to clear out cobwebs.   
    3. Take down curtains or drapes throughout the house, room by room, and cool tumble dry in the dryer to eliminate dust.  Rehang immediately to reduce wrinkling. Wipe down sills and molding, and dust indoor shutters from the top down.
    4. Wipe down walls (starting from top down and before you do the floors), with a sponge using diluted dishwashing detergent and water.  Walls get dirty, too!
    5. In the kitchen, wipe down wood cabinets with cabinet cleaning cream to cut through grease.  Use a wax-based aerosol spray (limited amount) on stainless steel appliances to make them shiny.  Run your dishwasher on its cleansing cycle and clean your washing machine with a white vinegar and baking soda solution, using the hot water cycle.   
    6. Use a steam floor cleaner on hardwood, laminate and tiled floors for a deep clean and clean carpets professionally or with a rented machine.   
    7. Clean out refrigerator completely.  Sort and toss outdated condiments and wash shelves and drawers in the dishwasher and by hand.  Vacuum your dusty condenser coil and pull fridge out and vacuum behind and under thoroughly.
    8. Take everything off bookshelves and dust thoroughly, wiping down books and knick-knacks before replacing.
    9. As a final touch, buy new front and back door mats.  


    Ready to list? Contact The Matt Ward Team today to get your spotless home on the market!

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